About Aroha Lindsay



Arohanui Vegan Love is about having compassion and love as a vegan in all aspects of life. Through curiosity from others, I began documenting our journey as a foundation of information and inspiration for others. Giving up gluten in 2007, my vegan journey began through health and has continued to be an ongoing passion for health, animals, and Earth. Having personal experience with two vegan pregnancies, natural childbirth, breastfeeding, raising a vegan baby, juice cleanses, and living as a raw vegan family, I believe that our stories, recipes, and lifestyle can provide support for others searching for a similar path to thrive and leave a lighter footprint on the Earth.

As an early childhood educator and Mum, I believe in holistic development where learning through play and providing children with opportunities to explore through nature is key. I believe that the natural environment offers tamariki opportunities to learn to care for our world and develop an appreciation for the existence and beauty the world has to offer. Eating healthy vibrational food, being eco-friendly and compassionate, along connecting with nature is the key to life and future generations.

Surround yourself with living energy. Life is simple. Life is beautiful. Live a life full of aroha. Live a life full of love.

• Aroha Lindsay •